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Our Development Process from Ideas to Downloads

By Sam Lucas | 6 June 2017

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Software is a complex system of programs, data structures, documentation, design and logic. Just like engineering freeways and high rises, developing software requires robust teams, well defined blueprints and adequate timelines.

A methodical approach to developing mobile and web applications results in fewer bugs, quicker delivery time and far better value to end users. Without strong execution, a great idea holds no value.

Not only do we gravitate towards great ideas, but we also believe in our trusted development process to transform your killer ideas into fully functional mobile and web applications.

As strategists, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs, we understand what it is like to be on both sides of product development. Development cycles are notorious for going over budget and delivering products full of bugs and missing endpoints.

So for those of you that are new to the world of code, we are here to speak your language. For those of you that are technical and experienced product owners already, we are ready to vibe together.

Our trusted development process ensures on-time delivery, quality design, robust functionality and holistic products that boost your business's value and end user engagement.

Often the most overlooked, yet most important part of any design and development process, the Discovery phase sets the foundational strategy for all activities moving forward.

The goal here is not to convince yourself of your idea, but to know your competition better than anyone else, to know your market better than they know themselves, and to realize a well defined vision.

Building upon insights gained from the Discovery phase, the UI/UX Design phase illustrates and defines your product solution's look, feel and feature functionality.

User interface (UI) design is responsible for transferring a brand's image and strengths into a digital product's interface. A product's UI refers to the front end of software in which end users physically navigate and interact with on screen.

The Development phase is where ideas become reality. We work with our clients to define and roadmap their concepts, to ensure that the development process is as cost effective and time efficient as possible.

Defining Alpha, Beta, and production releases allow for thorough business planning and resource allocation. Not all products have to be a final production release in order to give your business value, and to start generating revenue. While defining your product roadmap, we determine the most valuable and cost effective development options for your business goals.

You have now designed and developed your product solution and are ready to go-to market. Whether you are looking for feedback, seeking series A investment, or officially launching, we can help ensure that you get the downloads and exposure necessary.

For a detailed and in-depth look into our process, download our whitepaper below.


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